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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3's page!

Welcome back to a new school year and to the autumn term! Mrs Kent and  I hope you all had a wonderful summer break. We are looking forward to all the lessons and activities we have planned for this term. 


 For our science this term we shall be looking at 'Animals including Humans.'


In R.E we shall be exploring the Creation and what we understand about it and its meaning on a personal level. We will look at what is wonderful about this world in terms of God's creation as well as the human-made world.


We have some very exciting topics to explore in class 3 and our main topic this term is history based and is all about the 'Stone Age'.


We will try to answer some of the excellent questions that you asked on the class swap day last term:

How did Stone Age people survive with all those beasts roaming about?

Were all caves underground?

How did they talk to each other?

Did they keep pets? - imagine taking a sabre-toothed tiger for walkies!

How did they make tools?

How did they keep clean and make clothes?

How did they make traps?


Let's find out the answers to these questions!

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