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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6


Welcome back to school, and an even warmer welcome to year 6! I hope you have all had a great holiday.


Our topic this term is called War and Remembrance. In this topic we will be exploring World War 1 in the first half of the term and World War 2 in the second half of the term.                Image result for World warImage result for World war

Before the summer break the children expressed suggested areas that they would like to study and I have incorporated these into the plans for this term. Where possible the literacy is linked to our topic. We will be exploring poetry, writing letters, descriptive writing based on the experiences of soldiers. As we continue our studies we will be exploring the works of key figures of that era.


A question for you – Who was Edith Cavell?




 In Numeracy we will be working towards securing and exceeding the year 6 expectations. We will begin the term by securing our knowledge on number – being able to work with numbers to 10 million, rounding, positioning and then working with negative numbers. Then we will be securing our knowledge of the four operations and problem solving. 

We will link maths in with our topic – measuring when cooking and identifying rations used in the World War 1. 

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A problem for you:

Rachel and Sarah started out to visit Grandma. They drove for 50 miles and stopped to rest before driving for 30 more miles. They decided to go back 10 miles to a restaurant they had seen. After leaving the restaurant, they drove 80 more miles to Grandma’s house. How many miles did the girls drive on the way to Grandma’s house?

Our first Science topic for this half term is light.

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In this unit children learn that mirrors and shiny surfaces alter the direction in which light travels and that when they see objects, light enters the eye. Children contrast reflection and shadow formation. They will recognise that light travels from a source, that when it is blocked, a shadow is formed and when it hits a shiny surface, it is reflected; that light sources are seen when light from them enters the eyes; make careful measurements of shadows and represent their findings in different forms. The unit begins with the children exploring the internal and external parts of the human eye.


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