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In January we have an exciting new event Treasure Trail Challenge this will take place on Friday 26th during school hours, the idea is for children to bring in silver or gold coins from 5p upwards each class will put their coins in a trail and their will be a prize for the class who raises the most money and the class who create the longest trail (pro rata based on class size) Woodville, Collingwood, Elmwood and St Marys school will be holding their own treasure trail's on the same day so this is a competition to see which school raises the most money!


On Friday 2nd February we will be holding our first Family Race Night tickets are £5 per person children can come to (min age Reception class) doors open at 6.30pm first race starts at 7pm.


We have some Essex passes which allow you to enjoy 2 for 1 deals at some of the best attractions these are £9.99 but we can do them for £8 just fill in an application form (available at the school office) and we will issue you your card, have a look on the website (see link below)


Our online payment scheme
Cash 4 coins recycle your foreign coins
Doing your shopping online then why not raise money for the school at the same time by using


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