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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.
We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.


Dear Parents and Pupils,

Welcome to the Trinity St Mary's C of E Primary School Governors Page.

I am very proud to be the Chair of Governors here at Trinity St Marys' School and to be part of a fantastic governance team.  Their individual contributions help to make our school a successful and happy environment for all of our pupils.

Regards and very best wishes to you all.

Karen Munro.

Chair of Governors.


Mrs Karen Munro (Foundation) - Chair

Revd. Carol Ball - Vice Chair

Miss Janet Hoy (Acting Headteacher)

Dr Nicola Campbell (Foundation)

Mrs Maureen Graham (Foundation)

Mrs Geri Humphries (Parent)

Mr Colin Marshall (Foundation)

Mrs Debbie Olsen (Foundation)

Mrs Margaret Partridge (Foundation)

Miss Maureen Ponton  (Local Authority)

Mr Michael Smith (Parent)

Mrs Jenny Hull (Teacher )


Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese of Chelmsford  or the Parish Church Council. Parent Governors are elected from within the school by other parents.





In accordance with Government requirements for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of Trinity St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School Governing Body are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Body are extremely grateful for the exceptional dedication of Miss Janet Hoy and all of the staff during this year.  Their commitment, together with positive parental partnerships, has led our pupils towards reaching their potential in a caring, Christian environment.



There are 12 members of the Governing Body who all serve a 4 year term.  They consist of; 1 Local Authority Governor, 2 Staff Governors (including the Headteacher,) 2 elected Parent Governors and 7 Foundation Governors.

Foundation Governors are appointed to represent either the Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity or the Diocese of Chelmsford.  These governors include a member of the Holy Trinity Methodist community, family members of present and past pupils and the Incumbent of the Anglican Church of The Holy Trinity.  All Parents are invited to stand when a Parent Governor vacancy arises.  Governor committees look at the many aspects of school life. Business is divided into; Pre-school Management, School Admissions, Finance and Premises, Curriculum and Executive and Personnel. Most hold termly meetings. Discussions and meetings relating to staff and pupils matters may be held if required.  Some Governors with teaching backgrounds are able to support individuals and learning groups in class.  Governors may be attached to individual classes.  All governors are invited to join specially planned days and accompany pupils on trips out of school.



Safeguarding of pupils remains a key priority and is always an agenda item at governor committee meetings. Any issues that have arisen have been advised to Governors at their termly meetings by the Safeguarding lead, Acting Headteacher, Miss Hoy.  Confidentiality is always maintained.  The nominated Governor for Safeguarding is Mrs Karen Munro.  During this year staff and governors have received required statutory Safeguarding training updates. Ofsted identified our Safeguarding procedures as exemplary.

A major task for governors this academic year has been the recruitment of a new Headteacher.  Once we knew that Mrs Gooday would be retiring, governors were involved in the recruitment process.  It took much organising, including; the advertising of the post, visits to school of potential candidates and a selection day.  All governors participated in differing aspects.  The commitment of their time over several months, together with the use of professional expertise, contributed towards a very successful outcome, the recruitment of Mr Michael Williams as Headteacher from September.



Termly meetings to discuss premises issues with colleagues from St. Joseph’s school have been held.  Health and Safety walks have been carried out each term by the designated governor, Ms. Maureen Ponton and our School Business Manager, Mrs Sandra Stamp.

The School Business Manager and our Acting Headteacher prepared the school annual budget.  They worked with the Senior Leadership Team to identify development priorities, ensuring that they were achievable and costed within our financial constraints.  Finance Committee Governors oversee, agree and manage the budget on behalf of the Governing Body.  Specific monthly reports, detailing budget deviations and spending are circulated.  Spending of Pupil Premium and Sports Premium funding has been closely monitored.  The Governors receive an income from lettings of the school hall.  After paying for the building of the Reception class, we have recently begun a large project to renew the boilers and domestic water services.  Our 10 per cent contribution to the project will be met over 5 years.



Curriculum committee governors have analysed how teaching across the school would work towards the best outcomes for all pupils.  Government data was reviewed in detail.  Whilst this year has seen a particular focus on Mathematics, reports have been received from various subject leaders, together with in depth conversations. This has allowed governors to have a detailed understanding of the progress of individual year groups.  Governors reviewed results of national tests across the Early Years Foundation Stage and both Key Stages and discussed how they would inform the teaching this year.

Governors were pleased to award and present prizes for literacy at the recent Reading Festival. Healthy schools governor, Mr Mike Smith, has been very active in the coaching of sport.  He has accompanied staff and pupils to different sporting events organised by the William de Ferrers Sports Partnership.     



We were aware that the school was due to have 2 Inspections during this academic year. Miss Hoy, together with Consultant Headteacher, Mrs Margaret Partridge, ensured that all documentation was up to date and that the staff were well prepared. During the previous year, our SIAMS governors, (Statutory Inspections of Anglican and Methodist Schools) Reverend Carol Ball, Mrs Maureen Graham, Mrs Debbie Olsen and Mrs Margaret Partridge, had worked with staff members, Mrs Lydia Taylor and Mrs Jane Walkingshaw,  to ensure our distinctiveness as a Church school.

The wholehearted efforts of our school community led to Trinity St. Mary’s retaining the status of being an Outstanding Church of England Primary School (SIAMS) and an Ofsted rating of Good.  To have maintained these ratings in a time of transition is of great credit to all parties. The governors are delighted with these outcomes, which have been recognised in communications from the highest level of both the Diocese of Chelmsford and Essex County Council.



The governors look forward to welcoming Mr Williams to our school and working with him in the future. He has been involved in the planning of future priorities.

Governors will review the ongoing Boiler Project to ensure best value and completion within the specified time line.

Governors will monitor teaching and learning in the drive towards becoming an overall Outstanding school.



Governor designations and terms of office.

FOUNDATION  (Diocesan Board of Education)

Mrs Karen Munro      Chair of Governors    August 2018

Rev Carol Ball                                                   Whilst in post

Mrs Debbie Olsen                                            August 2020


FOUNDATION   (Holy Trinity Anglican Parochial Church Council)

Dr Nicola Campbell                                                August 2019

Mrs Maureen Graham                                         October 2020

Mrs Margaret Partridge                                         August 2019

Mr Colin Marshall                                              November 2016


Miss Janet Hoy         Acting Headteacher        Whilst in post

Mrs Jenny Hull         Teacher & KS2 lead          September 2017



Ms Maureen Ponton                                            October 2018



Mr Michael Smith                                                   November 2019

Mrs Geraldine Humphries                                           March  2021

During this academic year Mrs Natalie Hatiris and her family moved from Trinity St. Mary’s. We thank Natalie for contribution as a governor.

Our governors have a very good attendance record.  No meetings have been cancelled due to not being quorate.



Ms Maureen Ponton         St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary

Dr Nicola Campbell            William de Ferrers                                     


Governors can be contacted through the Chair, Mrs Karen Munro, via the school office.