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Our School, Values and Ethos



For everyone at our school to: aim high; work hard; make no excuses; never stop learning; be kind.




Many hearts make a school.


Mission Statement:


It is the aim of our school to provide a safe, secure and inspiring environment where everyone takes a challenge, tries the best they can and where our children leave us as ‘lifelong’ learners. To achieve this we expect that all children, staff, parents, governors and visitors share our Christian values of: forgiveness; honesty; dedication; sharing and love and treat each other with respect, fairness and kindness.


Christian Values

Picture 1 Dedication
Picture 2 Honesty
Picture 3 Sharing
Picture 4 Love
Picture 5 Forgiveness

School Uniform


We aim to make children proud of Trinity St. Mary's and as a school we value the wearing of school uniform as a means of identity and 'belonging'. We receive many compliments about how smart our children look and we believe it is important to maintain our high standards.

School uniform is to be worn at all times and parents are urged not to change the classic style in favour of individualistic styles.

Some of our uniform is available at Patricias. 


 Boys                                  Girls

Grey shorts or trousers       Grey skirts or pink gingham summer dresses

White shirt                           White blouse

Plain grey or black socks    White plain ankle socks (no frills)

Maroon V-necked jumper   Maroon V-necked cardigan with school logo

with school logo                  School tie

School tie                            Plain hair band (grey, maroon, white, black or pink

                                            gingham worn with the summer dress) and plain hair

                                            grips; no hair braids

                                            Plain grey,maroon or black tights


Important notes on school uniform:

  1. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled.
  2. No earrings and other jewellery. A simple plain watch is permitted
  3. No mobile phones to be brought into school unless in agreed exceptional circumstances when they must be left in the School Office.
  4. No haircuts shorter than No. 4. Hair gel or dyed hair is not acceptable.



P.E. Kit

Navy shorts (no fashion logo). Navy polo with school badge from Patricias.  Black plimsolls (slip-on type) up to size 6.

Additionally, please would you provide your child with:-

a)         a P.E. bag which is easily recognised and clearly marked with your son/daughter's name               on the outside.  Also, a small school bag for books/pencil

b)         an overall for art/craft

c)         ensure hair is tied back

An optional navy jogsuit is available from Patricias and may be worn on occasions for outside PE/Games, if your child’s teacher feels it is necessary.



Low heeled shoes – not boots - in black/brown/maroon/grey.   White sandals are acceptable occasionally during the Summer Term. Boys should wear grey or navy plain socks; they can wear black sandals in the Summer Term. Girls should wear plain white socks, grey, maroon or black tights in the winter.


Book Bags

In order to look after your child’s reading book, we strongly recommend that your child has a TSM book bag, available from Patricia’s. Please note that FOTSMS will kindly provide your child with a TSM book bag when they join Reception Class.

Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.
We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.


Dear Parents and Pupils,

Welcome to the Trinity St Mary's C of E Primary School Governors Page.

I am very proud to be the Chair of Governors here at Trinity St Marys' School and to be part of a fantastic governance team.  Their individual contributions help to make our school a successful and happy environment for all of our pupils.

Regards and very best wishes to you all.

Karen Munro.

Chair of Governors.



Mrs Karen Munro (Foundation) - Chair

Revd. Carol Ball - Vice Chair

Mr Mike Williams (Headteacher)

Dr Nicola Campbell (Foundation)

Mrs Maureen Graham (Foundation)

Mrs Natalie Hatiris (Parent)

Mr Colin Marshall (Foundation)

Mrs Debbie Olsen (Foundation)

Mrs Margaret Partridge (Foundation)

Miss Maureen Ponton  (Local Authority)

Mr Michael Smith (Parent)

Mrs Jenny Hull (Teacher )


Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese of Chelmsford  or the Parish Church Council. Parent Governors are elected from within the school by other parents.

Class Governors.

Reception Class - Karen Munro

Class 1     Natalie Hatiris            Class 2 Karen Munro            Class 3 Colin Marshall

Class 4    Debbie Olsen              Class 5 Maureen Graham       Class 6 Margaret Partridge 

Class Governors join their class on special days and accompany them on trips.  Some are able to visit on a regular basis.

Governors are involved in subject monitoring in conjunction with curriculum subject leaders.

Some Governors attend termly committee meeting to discuss the strategic management of the school.  These committees include Finance, Executive and Personnel, Curriculum and a Joint Premises committee together with Governors from St. Josephs School. 

In accordance with Government's requirement for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of Trinity St. Mary's Church of England Primary School Governing Body are:


  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Body are extremely grateful for the hard work and commitment shown by our school community.  The dedication of Mrs Gooday, all of the staff and our parents ensure that our pupils reach or indeed exceed, their potential in a caring, Christian environment.
There are 12 members of the Governing Body.  It comprises 2 elected Parent Governors, 1 Local Authority Governor, 2 staff Governors (including the Headteacher) and 7 Foundation Governors.
All Governors serve a 4 year term of office.
Foundation Governors are appointed by either the PCC of the Anglican parish of The Holy Trinity or the Diocese of Chelmsford.  These Governors include family members of existing and past pupils, a member of the Methodist Church community and the Incumbent of the Anglican parish of The Holy Trinity.
When a vacancy arises, all Parents are entitled to stand for election as a Parent Governor.
The Governors work in committees to review the various aspects of our school, mostly at termly meetings. Presently these are divided into: Curriculum, Finance and Premises, Executive and Personnel, Pre-school Management and a School Admissions committee.  If required, committees will meet to discuss matters relating to pupils and staff issues. 
Governors may also be attached to a particular class. They participate in educational trips and with after school activities.  Some, who have a teaching background, support learning groups in class.
Trinity St. Mary's Governors have an excellent attendance record, all meetings this year have been quorate.  Details are attached.
The Safeguarding of our pupils is of paramount importance, any issues that have arisen are fed back to Governors at our termly meetings by the Headteacher, Mrs Gooday, who is the Safeguarding lead.  The nominated Governor for Safeguarding is Mrs Karen Munro who also reports to the governing body about safeguarding.  Governors receive regular training and updates in all aspects of Safeguarding. Health and Safety walks have been undertaken termly by the Headteacher, School Business Manager and our designated Governor, Ms. Maureen Ponton.
The annual budget is prepared by the School Business Manager, Mrs. Sandra Stamp and our Headteacher. They work with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that the priorities identified for the development of our school are costed and achievable within ever tightening Government financial constraints. On behalf of the Governing Body, the Finance Committee Governors agree, oversee and manage the budget.  They receive monthly reports detailing spending and any budget deviation.
As Trinity St. Mary's is a Voluntary Aided school the Governors receive a small income by letting out our school hall.  These funds are generally used to contribute towards building projects in the school. Governors are currently involved in a five year plan of contributions towards our Reception Class which was built in 2014.
The Headteachers, School Business Managers and 2 Governors from both Trinity St. Mary's and St. Joseph's Schools have met to discuss matters regarding buildings and premises which are of interest to both schools.  Another joint project this year has been a Working Party who undertook a review of the Pre-School provision. The party membership consisted of members of staff and 2 Governors from both schools, who worked together with External Advisors.
The Curriculum Governors have discussed our pupils’ progress and attainment and any procedures and interventions that are in place to ensure that as many as possible meet, or indeed exceed, their age related expectations. Governors have received reports from Staff Subject Leaders which detail their monitoring work and leadership of their particular subject area. They have also carried out their own subject monitoring, with a specific focus to give detailed insight into the subjects. This year has also seen the embedding of our School Assessment system to ensure accurate tracking of pupil progress and attainment.
During this year 2 Governors, Reverend Carol Ball and Mrs. Karen Munro, have joined the School Inclusion team. Meetings are held each half term and focus on monitoring pupils’ progress, attainment and wellbeing within specific groups including those with Special Education Needs and those in receipt of the Pupil Premium. The spending and impact of the Pupil Premium funding is also closely monitored. Other members of this team are the Headteacher, School Inclusion manager and members of staff who are trained in Pupil Wellbeing.
In addition the Sports Funding is closely monitored to provide the best possible developmental and learning outcomes for our pupils. Details of how these funds are spent are given on the school website.
Admissions Committee Governors have met twice this year.
Governors have kept up to date with changes in legislation, through training sessions and via updates received from the Department for Education and Essex County Council.  You will be aware that during this year debates have arisen relating to Schools becoming Academies and issues around School Attendance and term time pupil absence. Further government guidance on both is awaited.
School policies have been reviewed and agreed on a rolling programme and new policies introduced where required. Many are Essex County Council model policies.  
Governing Body meeting minutes (apart from confidential items) are public documents. After they have been agreed as accurate, they may be viewed at the school office.


  • Continue to monitor the school's own assessment system, together with changes in the assessment of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Monitor the outcomes for all pupils, ensuring they all reach their potential both in attainment and achievement.
  • Ensure that our school is OFSTED and SIAMS (Society of Inspectors of Anglican and Methodist Schools) ready in line with the latest guidance. Our last Church School Inspection in 2012 judged Trinity St. Mary's to be an Outstanding Church School. We will be inspected again during the school year 2016 - 2017 the Staff and Governors are working hard to maintain our high standard within a changed inspection framework.
  • Review the feasibility of small building projects, within very tight budget constraints.

Parents are welcome to contact the Governing Body through the Chair of Governors, Mrs. Karen Munro, via the school office.  A full list of Governors is attached and is available on the website.
The Full Governing Body, Finance, Curriculum and Executive & Personnel committees held 3 meetings during this year.
Pre School Management Committee held 4 meetings.  Admissions Committee held 2.
Number of meetings that Governors attended indicated beside names.
(CH denotes Chair of Committee.  VC Vice Chair.)
Mrs Karen Munro  (CH)      3                      Mrs Maureen Graham      3
Rev Carol Ball        (VC)     1                      Mrs Margaret Partridge    2  
Mrs Christina Gooday          3                      Mr  Colin Marshall          2
Dr   Nicola Campbell           2                      Mrs Jenny Hull                 2
Mrs Debbie Olsen                3                      Mrs Natalie Hatiris           2  
Ms Maureen Ponton             2                      Mr  Michael Smith           1
CURRICULUM                                           FINANCE  
Dr   Nicola Campbell   (CH)  3                    Rev Carol Ball      (CH)       2                                        
Mr  Colin Marshall      (VC)   2                   Mrs Karen Munro (VC)       3
Mrs Jenny Hull                       3                    Mrs  Christina Gooday        3
Mrs Margaret Partridge          2                    Ms  Maureen Ponton           1
Mrs  Tara Allen                       1                    Mrs  Maureen Graham        3
Mr  Michael Smith                 2                    Mrs Margaret Partridge        2
Mrs Natalie Hatiris                 3
Mrs Karen Munro       (CH)   3                        Mrs Debbie Olsen   (CH)   2
Rev  Carol Ball           (VC)   2                        Mrs Karen Munro               2
Mrs  Christina Gooday           3                       Mrs Christina Gooday         1
Dr    Nicola Campbell            3                        Mrs Maureen Graham         1
Mrs  Debbie Olsen                 3                        Mrs Margaret Partridge       2
Mrs Karen Munro      (CH)      4
Mrs Christina Gooday              4          
Mrs  Debbie Olsen                    3                
Mrs Louise Allan-Teacher and Mrs Jane Hopkins-Pre School.
In October 2015 Mrs Tara Allen completed her term of office as an Elected Parent Governor.  We are grateful to Tara for her valuable contribution.
Mr. Michael Smith joined as an Elected Parent from November 2015.
Dr  Nicola Campbell      William de Ferrers School
Ms  Maureen Ponton       St. Joseph’s R.C. Primary
Ms Maureen Ponton       Facilitator for Woodham Ferrers Consortium of Schools since 2006
Governor designations and terms of office.
FOUNDATION  (Diocesan Board of Education)                                  
Mrs Karen Munro     Chair of Governors      August 2018                      
Rev Carol  Ball                                              Whilst in post
Mrs  Debbie Olsen                                         August 2016
FOUNDATION  (Holy Trinity Anglican Parochial Church Council)
Dr    Nicola   Campbell                                   August 2019
Mrs Maureen Graham                                     October 2016
Mrs  Margaret Partridge   Acting Vice Chair   August 2019
Mr    Colin Marshall                                        November 2016
Mrs  Christina Gooday   Headteacher               Whilst in post
Mrs  Jenny Hull              Teacher &KS2 lead    September 2017
Ms  Maureen Ponton                                          October 2018
Mrs  Natalie Hatiris                                             July 2018
Mr   Michael  Smith                                             November 2019