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Reading Schemes

English is taught in an engaging way at Trinity St. Mary's and our staff focus on encouraging a love of reading and on developing the strands of English across the curriculum.

A love of books, of reading and the enjoyment of reading form the heart of our English teaching:

‘The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.’ Mark Twain

The teaching of reading begins with the teaching of phonics using Letters and Sounds which leads onto word recognition, in particular, those tricky words which do not follow a pattern and then onto comprehension. Our reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree.

With the richness of the stories and the beautiful writing in the texts we use and discuss in the classroom, we attempt to foster a life-long love of reading while also providing plenty of opportunities for children to encounter unfamiliar language, helping to develop their vocabulary and giving them the chance to practise their word-reading.

Within the Curriculum section - English,  on our website, you will be guided towards useful websites, documents and strategies to support learning at home.There are links to ideas to help you support your child with phonics, including the correct pronunciation of letter sounds and blends, and  sites to help you choose exciting reading books for your child. We use Letters and Sounds to support our phonics teaching and learning.


Jenny Hull, English Leader