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Spring Term.

Our topic this term is




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Have a look at our newsletter, to find out what we will be learning about.

In class, we will be designing our own Superheroes. We will be discussing  what super powers  or special qualities our heroes would have. We will  be creating their costume and logo. Once we have designed our Superhero, we will be getting very creative by using 'wow' words to describe our characters.

What type of superhero would you design? Think about what name they would use, what powers they would have and what type of adventures they would go on.

We will be drawing our Superheroes and writing about them, but there are plenty of online activities for children, where they can use their IT skills to create a fun character.

Try the DC Kids website for a fun 'design a superhero' game.

If you would like to print your Superhero design out and bring it to school to show, then we would love to see it.


Share your knowledge...

Are you an expert on Superheroes? Do you have any books, figures, costumes or pictures that you would like to share and talk about with the class. Maybe, you have drawn a fantastic picture of your favourite character, or you have written a story about a Superhero adventure. If so, please bring it into class.

We would love to hear all about it!