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Welcome to our Reception Class Page


Welcome children and parents to our Reception class page. Here you will be able to find out what we will be learning about over this term. 


Our topic is ' Journeys and Adventures'. We will be looking at different types of adventures, both real and imaginary. We will be sharing topic books about naughty buses, runaway trains and even magical balloon rides. Grab your tickets, pack your bags and come on an adventure with us!

Have a look at the picture below. How many different ways of travelling can you spot? Come and let me know!

In literacy we will be developing our speaking and listening skills. Can you complete my listening challenge? With your grown up, go on a 'listening walk', what can you hear and what is the sound like? Talk about each sound, where did it come from, was it loud or quiet, did you like the sound? Perhaps you could make a list of everything that you heard. 

In maths we will be working on our number recognition and counting skills. We love a good sing song in Reception, so we will be singing lots of traditional number rhymes and songs. Do you know any that you could teach me? Come and let me know!

In P.E we will be working on following instructions, warm up activities and on our throwing and catching skills. We will also be talking about what we could do to be fit and healthy. 

What is your favourite sports activity? Do you go to any clubs? What ideas do have about what we could do to stay really healthy? Perhaps you could share them with our class?

As you can see, our term is looking like it is going to be busy and hopefully full of fun. If you have any questions about anything we are learning, or anything about our school day, then please do come and chat to a member of the Reception class team! We are always happy to talk to you.