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School Uniform




We aim to make children proud of Trinity St. Mary's and as a school we value the wearing of school uniform as a means of identity and 'belonging'. We receive many compliments about how smart our children look and we believe it is important to maintain our high standards.

School uniform is to be worn at all times and parents are urged not to change the classic style in favour of individualistic styles.

Some of our uniform is available at Patricias. 


       Grey shorts or trousers

     White shirt

     Plain grey or black socks

     Maroon V-necked jumper

     with school logo

     School tie      








Grey skirts or pink gingham summer dresses  

White blouse

White plain ankle socks (no frills)

Maroon V-necked cardigan with school


School tie

Plain hair band (grey maroon, white, black or pink gingham worn with summer dress)  and plain hair grips; no hair braids                                                                                           

Plain grey, maroon or black tights




Important notes on school uniform:

  1. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled.
  2. No earrings and other jewellery. A simple plain watch is permitted
  3. No mobile phones to be brought into school unless in agreed exceptional circumstances when they must be left in the School Office.
  4. No haircuts shorter than No. 4. Hair gel or dyed hair is not acceptable.



P.E. Kit

Navy shorts (no fashion logo). Navy polo with school badge from Patricias.  Black plimsolls (slip-on type) up to size 6.

Additionally, please would you provide your child with:-

a)         a P.E. bag which is easily recognised and clearly marked with your son/daughter's name               on the outside.  Also, a small school bag for books/pencil

b)         an overall for art/craft

c)         ensure hair is tied back

An optional navy jogsuit is available from Patricias and may be worn on occasions for outside PE/Games, if your child’s teacher feels it is necessary.



Low heeled shoes – not boots - in black/brown/maroon/grey.   White sandals are acceptable occasionally during the Summer Term. Boys should wear grey or navy plain socks; they can wear black sandals in the Summer Term. Girls should wear plain white socks, grey, maroon or black tights in the winter.


Book Bags

In order to look after your child’s reading book, we strongly recommend that your child has a TSM book bag, available from Patricia’s. Please note that FOTSMS will kindly provide your child with a TSM book bag when they join Reception Class.