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Parents can download the Autumn packed lunch dinner menu below which is on a two week rota. Our school dinners are prepared on-site by our dedicated catering team. Children in KS1 (Reception Class, Year 1 and 2) are entitled to free hot school meals as from September 2014. The cost of pupil dinners is currently £2.25 adults £2.60. All dinner moneys are requested to come in on a Monday. Please note - pupil accounts should be in credit in order for dinners to be provided.


****Until further notice we will only be providing packed lunches for children****

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Great news to report! I am pleased to announce that T.S.M. has been awarded the prestigious Essex Healthy School Status for another two years. This is a great achievement and we should feel really proud of ourselves. The school has been highly recognised for its outstanding work in a number of key areas. We were particularly praised for our policy developments, our assessments, recordings and reporting arrangements, especially the way we celebrate our children’s achievements. We were highly praised for the way our children are involved in decision making, for the high quality learning, teaching, planning and resourcing, for the excellent provision of support provided and for our enriching school culture and environment. Well done to everyone. It is reward for a great team effort and one our school thoroughly deserves.

We are not prepared to sit on our laurels however, and plans are already in place for further development in order to apply for the enhanced status award.