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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3's page!

Welcome to the spring term! Mrs Kent and  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We are looking forward to all the lessons and activities we have planned for this term. 


 For our science this term we shall be looking at rocks and soil.


In R.E we shall be exploring the Incarnation, what we understand by it and its meaning on a personal level as well as for Christians.


We have some very exciting topics to explore in class 3 and our main topic this term is geography based and is all about mountains and volcanoes.



At what height does a hill become a mountain? Can you name these mountains/mountain ranges? Choose from: The Rockies; Ben Nevis; Mount Everest, The Atlas Mountains; Mont Blanc; The Himalayas. In which continent would you find them?

This mountain is the highest mountain in Britain.
You may find a yeti wandering around on these!
This mountain is the highest mountain on earth.
These can be seen from beaches in Southern Spain.
This mountain is called White Mountain.
The highest point of these is Mount Elbert.