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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!


Welcome back to school, and an even bigger welcome to class 5! Mrs Foote and I hope you have all had a great holiday, refreshed, ready and raring to go!


In the Spring term our topic is called ‘Around the World’. In the topic we will be exploring Earth and Space, looking at the planets, as well as thinking about space travel and inventions.


In Numeracy we will be securing number facts and using all four operations in calculations. We will also be doing some work around fractions, decimals and percentages, identifying how they link to one another and then using them in real-life contexts. It is important for children to continue to practise all of the times tables and develop a quick recall and response. We will have weekly tests.

Our first Science topic for this half term is Space followed by Forces.


Pupils will demonstrate an increasing knowledge and understanding of the solar system. They will be able to describe the organisation of the solar system and name the planets within it.


During our forces topic the children will look at forces, friction and magnetic attraction. We will also investigate magnetic strength and the force of friction.

PE takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. This term we have the pleasure of taking part in Bootcamp on a Tuesday afternoon. Mr Radley will continue to deliver PE lessons on Wednesday's.


Homework is set usually on a Thursday and is due in on the following Tuesday. It is expected that this is completed by the children ready to be handed in. Homework is never anything new to your child, and is always a task to follow up what has been taught in class. However, should your child feel that they require extra help/support then they can either speak to myself or Mrs Foote or attend Mr Williams homework drop-in sessions on a Friday lunchtime in the conservatory.


Thank you for your continued support with this.