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KS1 Christmas Dance Competition

Some of our KS1 children took part in a Christmas Dance Competition at William De Ferrers on Friday 5th December. Our Sports Ambassadors, Nicole and Samuel from Class 6, accompanied the children who took the attached photos of the dance and wrote the following report;


'TSM- they started off with all of their hands linked together. They were all in time to the music. The group were always doing actions, non-stop. They were really fantastic all together! The children from Cold Norton had a ribbon which was really hard to keep in time with the music but they did really well. The children from William De Ferrers started by laying on the floor still as mice, when all of a sudden the music came on it was really upbeat. They did tricks and finished their routine in all different poses'


All of the children who took part performed brilliantly and should be very proud of their performance.  Well done!