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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Dear Parents/Carers and Pupils,

Welcome to the Trinity St Mary's C of E Primary School Governors Page.

We are extremely fortunate at Trinity St Mary's, to have a governing body who are committed,  together with the staff,  to achieve the very best outcomes for all of our pupils.  

We endeavour for your children to be happy and well educated during their journey through the school. 

Regards and very best wishes to you all.

Karen Munro.

Chair of Governors.





In accordance with Government requirements for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of Trinity St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School Governing Body are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.



There are 12 members of the Governing Body who all serve a 4 year term of office.  They consist of; 1 Local Authority Governor, 2 Staff Governors (including the Headteacher,) 2 elected Parent Governors and 7 Foundation Governors.  School Governors are part of one of the largest volunteer forces in the UK.   

Foundation Governors are appointed to represent either the Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity or the Diocese of Chelmsford.  They include a member of the Holy Trinity Methodist community, family members of past and present pupils, and the Incumbent of the Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity.  All parents are invited to stand when a Parent Governor vacancy arises. 

During this year, Mr. Colin Marshall stepped down as a governor at TSM.  Over several years, Colin made many contributions to the life of our school, we are grateful for his input and involvement.  Arrangements are under way to fill the vacancy.

Governor committees look at the many aspects of school life.  Business is divided into; Pre-school Management, School Admissions, Finance and Premises, Curriculum, and Executive and Personnel.  Most hold termly meetings.  Discussions and meetings relating to staff and pupil matters are held if required.  Governors who have a teaching background may support pupils in classes, both individually, and in groups.   Governors also join and assist with trips and visits outside of school and are fortunate to attend events held during the school year. 



As the year began with Covid restrictions and general wariness, governor presence in school was still restricted, face coverings were worn and distance maintained during any essential visits.  As with life in general, governors had to be aware of the changing guidance and necessary updating of Risk Assessments.  This also meant that at various points during the year, governor training, subject monitoring sessions with staff and committee meetings had to be held virtually.



Governors have received and discussed audit reports in the areas of; Data Protection and Internal Control Compliance and GDPR.  Together with colleagues from our neighbours, St. Joseph’s Primary school, governors were assisted by both School Business Managers to review the catering provision for both schools, guidance was also provided by an External Advisor.  After examination of business plans, deliberation of the services on offer and a final food tasting, new contractors, Dolce Catering, have been appointed, effective September 2022.

A joint building project for roof repairs will take place over the Summer.

We are fortunate that FOTSMS have provided the funding for our contribution to new playground equipment for both schools.  They are also funding additional resources, including a sensory garden.  We are fortunate to have such an active PTA, the governors are grateful for their enduring hard work and grateful to our families for supporting them in their activities.   



During this academic year the Curriculum committee received subject reports in Literacy and Maths following visits from an External Advisor.  They have reviewed Covid recovery, spending and allocation of the Catch-up funding and the National tutoring programme.  Outcomes of the Phonics screening were discussed as well as the use and impact of Pupil Premium and Sports Premium funding.

Governors spent many hours consulting with subject leaders to monitor subjects across the school.  Meetings have been held across the year to look at Curricular Intent and later the Implementation, a review of the final Impact will be assessed.



Trinity St. Mary’s is subject to periodic inspection as a Church of England Primary school.  A governors committee have undergone training in this area and work closely with the Headteacher and RE lead to ensure the school is aligned with curricular expectations. 



The decision of Mr Williams to resign as Headteacher provided a challenge for governors.  We are very grateful for his dedicated service during his time at TSM as he moves on to an area in which he has great interest.  Governors were guided during the established recruitment process by advisors from Chelmsford Diocese and the Local Authority, invaluable support was also provided by our school Administration team, led by Mrs Michelle Barnett.  Grateful thanks are due to all involved.  Governors are delighted, that after many twists and turns, Miss Janet Hoy was appointed as Headteacher and later, Mrs Louise Allan as Deputy.  They are energised and excited to be leading Trinity St. Mary’s and have many ideas for the future. 

Recruitment of class and support teachers for the next academic year has also been completed. 



Governors will participate in the review of the school vision, oversee financial and property management and continue to monitor the educational performance of the school, for all pupils.  Governors will oversee the establishment of a team that will ensure Trinity St. Mary’s moves forward with confidence to provide education, wellbeing and support to enable all pupils to reach their very best outcomes.


The governors may be contacted through the Chair, Mrs Karen Munro, via the school office.

Governor Business Interests 2022-2023