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Meet the Teacher 2020

Welcome to our "Meet the Teacher 2020" page! Here you will find pictures of our school and links to some websites to use with your children over the summer. Each class page will have specific information for your child to help them prepare for September. We hope you find it all useful.

Scrapbook Challenge


This summer I am setting children the optional challenge of keeping a summer scrapbook. There is no expectation that children will complete it, it is entirely up to them. Those wishing to create a scrapbook can be as creative as they want to be. It could have written diaries of days in the holiday, photographs, pictures drawn, collages of things collected; whatever the children want to do. In September I will collect all of the scrapbooks in and read them all. I will then award a prize to a winner from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. If possible we will display all of the scrapbooks in our library (this will depend on how many we receive).

Reading Challenge


Unfortunately our spring reading challenge was postponed due to the school closure before we could complete it. I am therefore setting you a reading challenge for the summer! How many books can you read this summer? Do you think you can read 1 a week? Maybe 2 a week? How many can you read from Purple Mash? Could you put something about the books you have read into your summer scrapbook challenge? Maybe you could write some book reviews or design some front covers as part of the scrapbook challenge. When we return to school I would love to have as many children as possible stop me when they see me to tell me how many books they have read and what their favourite was! Good luck!