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Virtual Sports Day July 2020

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These are suggested events. Please feel free to create your own, find others such as "Joy of Moving" or "Jo Wicks". There is no set way you need to do this! We hope you and your children enjoy being active together!




1) Egg and spoon race - set up a course inside or outside. Find an egg (you might want to hard boil it first or wrap it in something to stop it breaking!). If you don't have an egg and spoon then you can always balance a rolled up sock on your hand instead. Find a spoon and how fast can you complete the course with the egg on the spoon? Can you beat your score?


2) Step ups - find a step (inside or outside). How many step ups (one foot up, then other, then back down) can you do in 30 seconds? Can you beat your score?


3) Target throw - pick a target (a bin, cup, bowl, hoop, hat etc). Pick an object (small ball, tea bag, scrunched up piece of paper etc). How many can you throw into the target in a minute? How many can you do in a row? How far away can you throw it from?


4) Speed bounce. Put a small object on the floor (cushion, cone, ball etc). Can be done inside or outside. Jump side to side with two feet together over the object and back again. How many times can you "bounce" over the object in 30 seconds? Can you beat your score?


5) Sprint race - set up a distance (you could make this an obstacle course if you wanted to). How fast can you sprint the distance? Can you beat your score?