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Stretch and Challenge

Here are twenty-four activities, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas.
The tasks all include interactivities. We hope you enjoy exploring and making discoveries.
For a range of websites that provide challenge and stretch in maths, please check out the following document. This will be updated regularly. 
For a daily selection of maths, literacy and grammar challenges, have a look at the link below. Sign up is free. 
Spelling, punctuation, and grammar – often called SPaG in schools – are crucial building blocks for children learning to speak, write, and listen. The following link sets out the expectation by year group. Activities to help with each can be found with a quick google search. 
For all your KS2 grammar needs explained, have a look at the useful link below.

Below are some excellent ideas to provide science discussion at home. Please do let us know by email of any interesting discussions you have at home.