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Many of our foundation subjects are taught through 'topic' or 'theme' based learning. Classes may be looking at a particular theme or period from history, yet the geographical, historical, artistic and technological aspects of that theme/era will link together- forming a broad and balanced topic. An example of this could be in Year 5, where during the topic 'Fancy France', pupils learn about the history of the country, the key geographical knowledge and understanding etc. They will also learn about the artist Monet and attempt to recreate some of his masterpieces. Pupils learn to cook French bread having used ICT to research and then create written instructions of how to bake a baguette. The children also benefit from learning basic French phrases during MFL sessions with an experienced French-speaker.


Across the three terms, pupils also benefit from a range of exciting trips, school visits or educational theatre groups to support and enhance the learning experience. 


For more information on the topics covered by our pupils, visit the CLASS PAGES in the CHILDREN section of our website.