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Week Six

Hello Class 3!

This is my penultimate set of plans for you. I will be writing them for the first week back, however my maternity leave starts on Tuesday 23rd February so Mrs Greville will be taking over the emails, planning and providing feedback from then. I know she is really excited to get to know you all more and I have told her what a super class you are. I will continue to keep track of what you are up to and hope to visit you all very soon. It will be me this week responding to emails and on the team’s video call Friday.

This week, our Monday theme is all about myths and legends with the focus on trolls! The activities continue throughout the week. If you would prefer, there are Oak Academy lessons for you to complete. Both lessons have similar outcomes.

It would be lovely to see your snow and weekend adventures so please send in photos for me to add to our online gallery. Thank you.

I would love to read some of your snow jokes. I might even add some to the class page as laughing is good for us. Let me know if you have any good ones.

A Monday morning message from Miss Dunn

Happy Hump Day!