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Year 3

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Dear class 3 to be,


I am so excited to be writing to you as your new class teacher! I feel so lucky that I already know most of you from year 1 and feel privileged to be able to be your teacher again. I know that Mrs Clacy is equally excited because we had such a wonderful time working with you before and we have been messaging one another about our plans for September. We have already been thinking about lots of fun and exciting activities we can do together and hope you are as happy as us!


I know that this year has been a little different for you; some of you will not have been at school since March, but I can assure you that when you do return, you will have a wonderful transition experience and we will have lots of fun activities planned. Lots of you at home might be wondering what it is like to be in year 3… well I am going to let you in to a little secret… it is the best!


A little bit about our classroom next year


In our class next year, there will be myself and Mrs Clacy. Our classroom is amazing with lots of wall space to personalise and for you to make your own. We will be working very hard before you return to make sure it looks beautiful, welcoming and bright for when you return. Then, when you do return, we can fill the room with all of your wonderful work! Mrs Clacy has already made your tray and peg labels and they are really bright and colourful. She has also made a wonderful birthday display so we can all celebrate together and sing the birthday song really loud! We will help you to find your spaces and pegs when you come back and we really are looking forward to seeing you all. We cannot wait to hear what you have been up to over the last few months and want to know more about your interests and hobbies, what pets you have and what you have been learning over the last few months. I have learnt to make some amazing fudge and Mrs Clacy has been perfecting her baking. I hope we can all make some yummy treats together – what do you think?


A little bit about our lessons and learning in year 3


Key Stage 2 is a little different to Key Stage 1. Some of you will already be using the wonderful library space we have by Mr William’s office to choose your books and you will now be able to choose from our classroom too. There is an amazing selection of stories on our bookshelf and I hope you discover new authors that you like. You are all very lucky and have PE with Mr Radley, so please make sure you have the right kit for indoor and outdoor PE. Mr Radley teaches a range of sports and skills and you will really enjoy this time.


We have three very exciting topics; Night at the Museum, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Aladdin. These topics allow us to learn so much and get really creative! Our first topic in the autumn term will be Night at the Museum where we learn all about the Romans and how they invaded Britain. We learn who Julius Caesar was and what he did – it would be amazing if you could find out five facts about him and then you could share these with the class when you come back to school. In maths, we will continue to build on your understanding of number and place value.  If you could begin to practise counting in 3s, 5s and 8s then that would be fantastic as these are our key times tables to learn this year – if you already know them, can you get quicker with your answers? Science is really exciting (one of my favourite subjects) and we investigate why we need light and how we see. We do lots of fun experiments to help us understand this.  At the end of the topic, as a reward for all your hard work, we will even turn the classroom into a cinema and have a film afternoon to celebrate. As well as this, we also have all of the excitement as we build up to Christmas! Mrs Clacy already has some wonderful Christmas ideas and activities for us to do. If you can think of any questions or things you would like to learn about that relate to our topic then let me know and I can try and include these in my planning.


We can’t wait to see you!


Although we might not have had our ‘meet the teacher day’ where we get creative and get to know each other, Mrs Clacy and I really hope this letter reassures you and makes you feel excited to return to school. You are going to have so much fun in class 3 next year and you will all learn so much. We are going to make sure that you have the best year and we are really looking forward to seeing you. Together we will all make a fantastic team!


In the meantime, stay safe and look after yourselves. Make sure that over summer, you have fun and get plenty of rest so you are ready to learn when school reopens. It would be amazing if you could take part in the ‘Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge’ at the local library. We really are looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you and your families back to school.


Have the most amazing summer,

with love from

Miss Dunn and Mrs Clacy


Here are some of the questions you wanted to know the answers to:


Do I need a backpack in year 3?

You can bring in your own bag in year 3 but please only bring in your lunch, water bottle, reading diary and reading record. We will not be doing show and tell at this time or be able to share things you have brought in. This might change in the future.

Do I need a pencil case?

No. We will supply everything you need. Save your pencil cases and nice stationary for any work and activities you do at home.


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