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The staff at Trinity St Mary’s offer a coherently planned sequence of lessons to help ensure they have progressively covered the requirements of the PE National Curriculum. Through combining the Get-Set-4-PE scheme of work, alongside comprehensively planned lessons by qualified coaches, which ensures that children have a varied and well mapped out PE curriculum. It provides the opportunity for progression across the full breadth of the PE National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 for both indoor and outdoor PE. This progression is clearly identified and each lesson has been carefully planned to match these. In KS1, the focus of the PE curriculum is on the development of the fundamental skills that will be built upon in KS2 when they are applied in specific sports. It is our intention to develop a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and PE in all young people. We aim to help ensure a positive and healthy physical and mental outlook in the future and help young people to develop essential skills including leadership, teamwork and developing the skills and resilience to deal with both success and failure. Within each lesson, we strive to give every child the opportunity to develop skills in PE, consider the impact on their health and fitness, compete, perform and evaluate. These elements are always clearly identified through formative  assessment. All lessons are carefully differentiated which helps to ensure that learning is as tailored and inclusive as possible. It is also our intention to ensure that every child has access to at least 60 minutes of physical activity twice a week, in addition to participating in the daily mile.




Our detailed lesson plans ensure that all teachers are equipped with the secure subject knowledge required to deliver modern, high-quality teaching and learning opportunities for all areas of the PE National Curriculum. Technical glossaries, online resources and adult guidance support teachers in their subject knowledge, allowing them to share technical vocabulary and skills clearly, confidently and concisely. Our overarching aim is for teachers to have the knowledge and skills they need to feel confident in teaching all areas of PE, regardless of their main areas of expertise. Lessons are planned to ensure that children are given the opportunity to practise existing skills and also build on these to develop new or more advanced skills. There is a structure to the lesson sequence whereby prior learning is considered and opportunities for revision and practise are part of the lesson plan. We aim for this revision to become part of good practice and ultimately helps build depth to the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in PE. The Daily Mile provides a fun, regular 15-minute exercise for all children across the school. The use of Play Leaders, designated trained staff and activity based resources and equipment aim to also promote active break and lunchtimes.




The lessons for each year group are planned to ensure that learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the full breadth of the PE curriculum through engaging and age-appropriate curriculum content. Our lessons are often themed with strong cross-curricular links to other subjects and topics, such as Space, Storytelling and Season. This all helps to make the learning memorable, allowing links to be made and ultimately creating a higher level of engagement and understanding. The high quality and consistent approach to PE teaching, should significantly improve attainment in knowledge and skills in PE. Technical PE vocabulary is used by all learners, meaning the learning environment will be more consistent across both key stages. The impact of having a PE and Sports Achievement display board, also increases the profile of sport, PE and physical activity across the school. Whole school and parental engagement is celebrated through our Sports Day each year, as well as our links to WDF Family of schools, where children from a range of year groups get opportunities to take part in events and tournaments outside of school.